May Report

Terry Hollan
Hottest Baits:
spinnerbaits, and crankbaits starting 5" and 6" swimbaits in Pearl, White and Mullett color, topwater ( Zara Spooks )
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:
May 2012



Great fishing with excellent numbers of bigger fish up to 12 pounds being caught. Fred Deson caught a monster 14.8 ...lots of nice 10 to11 lbers caught on Swimbaits and spinnerbaits

LArry Beard arrives on June 6th/////


topwater fishing is good...swimbait fishing is excellent!!!!

if you have time to get away come visit the lake asap....

05/15/2012 to 05/20/2012

WOW..1 over 15, 1 over 14 and 8 over 12 >>>> Al Levonchuck fishing with Sixto found the monsters, Russ Johnson and myself both landed 10 lbers and countless 4 to 7 Lbers, Mr Itaya got some great topwater and had a great senko bite

group of 10 arrives today 05/19....

05/11/2012 to 05/14/2012

last group results >>>excellent...this group even better. Randall Divan has logged 64 bass over 7 pounds with 1 over 10 and 2 over 11>>>topwater and swimbaits

05/06/2012 to 05/11/2012

Dan Ashby and Mike Mcgowen had excellent results with 6 over 10 and the biggest bass weighing 12.7

Gil Wright and group utilizing our Jet Serivce from Dallas

had big fish week with 130 bass days as well ... 14 bass over 10 lbs and 28 over 9 pounds

05/02/2012 to 05/06/2012

Excellent with lots of big ones Yokoi from Japan caught 5 over 10 fishing with Sixto ....excellent action using crankbaits and big spinnerbaits

04/26/2012 to 05/02/2012

MAy fishing has started off excellent with lots of nice fish being caught by the Japenese group currently at the Lodge Horomtsu Yokoi landed a beautiful 12.12 lber along with several 8 to 9 lbers. Excellent being caught using bigger deep running crankbaits and 5 and 6 inch storm swimbait in Mullet and pearl color

Tessuji Fujiwara boat fishing with guide Ramon has landed 6 over 9 pounds on swimabaits.

Brad Harris boats reported 98 fish yesterday up to 8.8 pounds fishing some topwater and mostly crankbaits

April Report

Terry Hollan
Hottest Baits:
spinnerbaits, and crankbaits starting to hit some worms and lizards
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:
April 2012


water stained to clear, lake level is Low, fish holding tight to structure


Nothing exciting to report on the 25th and 26th ...low numbers being caught .. pearl and blue crankbaits working according to Manuel ..... big 10" zipper worms

have also produced some fish....no topwater


The bite is much better in the morning than the afternoon ..Lenny Danko and his group reporting excellent numbers of 8 to 9 pound Bass in the morning with very low overall numbers in the afternoon .. Crankbaits pearl and blue working best our JApenese customers doing good on topwater. overall numbers from 20 to 80 a day for the boats on the water the last 3 days>>>

temps are starting to get pretty warm


Sorry for the length of time between reports. I will hit the highlights of the last week. Fishing continues to be challenging but very, very rewarding. On his first afternoon, Senator James Meeks caught a beautiful 13.9 lber on a big Bill Norman crank bait. Travis Ryal caught a beautiful fish over 12 lbs. His father, Shane, caught a couple of fish over 10 lbs. One afternoon, they reported 40 fish between 7 and 9 lbs. All of the big fish are being caught on crank baits. A new guest to the lodge, Barry Rich, caught fish over 10 lbs. and ends the trip by saying, I will be back as soon as I can! Ed Smith and his son Shawn caught 60 fish between 6 and 9 lbs. Rodney Rice landed on that was 10.4. The fish are hanging close to the bottom and are not very active but it does seem like the ones that are biting are the big ones.

04/10/2012 Andy Fowler reported :

The first day of fishing was slow to horrible, with myself and my partner catching zero fish. We threw everything in the tackle box and never got a bite! Our guide Jesus consistently told us to fish on the bottom and I thought we were. Day two started out rather slow as well until we realized, with the help of Jesus, what we were doing wrong. We started bouncing a rattle trap similar to bouncing a jig, along the bottom. What a game changer! The remainder of the second day and all of the third day, we caught no less than six fish over 10 lbs. an unbelievable fourteen over 9, three fish over 8 and six fish over 7, all using the same technique, a one ounce rattle trap, letting it lay on the bottom and bouncing it off the bottom. It was my first trip to Baccarac but it certainly won’t be my last.


Tommy BAxter reported:

Tommy Baxter caught a 10.7, 10.4, 10.2, 9.9. tommy was my partner and we caught over a 100 fish between 4-7 lbs in 3 days of fishing

one morning the best five fish weight was 45.5 lbs. All fish came on a rattle trap or crank bait.

Shane Stone caught a personal best with a 11.15 lb and a 10 liber on a grape 10 inch worm.

Harry Nicholson caught several fish between 4-7 lbs with a 7.9 lbs the largest. Between them they caught over 100 fish.

Tommy Hill caught a personal best of a 9.9 lb and a 8.15, 8.8, 8.2, 7.12, 7.8, 7,4.


"John Gazzoli & Tony Lostaglio started out with two slow days but finished their last four days with 29 fish over 7 lbs. - including 7 over 10 lbs., with John landing one at 12 lb. 4 oz. on Wednesday - their top 10 fish for the week weighed in just under 102 lbs. and all were caught on deep water crank baits, rattle traps and jigs".


Tony Bolton and his partner reporting 225 total fish caught in 3 days with the first day only producing 22 fish for the day ...Tony and partner caught 6 over 9 and 4 fish between 10 and 11 ...Big fish came on big plastics

THe lake level is very low but the big fish are biting

March Report

Terry Hollan
Hottest Baits:
spinnerbaits, and crankbaits starting to hit someworms and lizards
Hottest Colors:
bite currently good with BIG crankbaits, pearl
Time of Day:



Tony Bolton and his partner reporting 225 total fish caught in 3 days with the first day only producing 22 fish for the day ...Tony and partner caught 6 over 9 and 4 fish between 10 and 11 ...Big fish came on big plastics

THe lake level is very low but the big fish are biting

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note from Jack Moncik



Good size with with Dan Moore, Curt Green and Marty Cooper all catching trophies over 10 pounds along with Tony Lostaglio and his partner landing 5 over 10 in one day......the big bass bite is on

ONe boat landing over 100 a day but most boats not catching many numbers...You have got to fish hard right now


Bill Benson and Jack Moncik reported with 9 fish 10 pounds and over. The two best were 11-6 and 12-1. Six came on soft plastics ( 7" senkos & 8" Zoom lizards) two on deep running crankbaits and one on a spinnerbait fished deep. We had many 7-9# fish also. Our total count was somewhere around 150 fish.
Bill Benson

Denis Bootenhuff reported the first pic is 13.5 then 11. ,10.8,9 9 but terry I have been coming to your lake now for years on one oct I think in 2008 we has the best top water in my life but I say that this trip was the best fishing I ever had, we logged 16 fish over 10 lbs I am convinced that the next world record is in that lake thanks for the greatest day of my life

03/16/2012 to 03/20/2012

Continued Big Bass Bite is On...THe numbers have picked up a lot some boats catching up to 80 a day of solid 2 to 5 pounds with BIG crankbaits producing fish over 10 pounds... You have got to work for the big ones

Dave McKinney coming down in the King Air from Amarillo managed 2 bass over 10 pounds for grandson...JAck Moncik and Bill Benson caught 10 lbers as well>>>> Jorge Gonzo in 3 days on the water caught 3 over 9 and 3 over 10

Not much topwater

04/01/2012 we have two sets on plane out of Fort Worth call 806 679 4433

March 23rd has open seats out of El Paso call 806 679 4433


THe big bite is still on! Bill Benson and JAck Mocnik land fish again over 10 _Shin and Ric get big fish and numbers_ Dave Mckinney group of 8 having good luck for bigger fish

If you have a chance right now is good time to come...if you have a trip booked for later in the season try to move it up>>>if you are looking for a trophy


Bill Benson catches a 10.1

Jack Mocnik catches 10.5

big fish are biting

03/06/2012 to 03/13/2012

The past six days have been nothing but phenomenal for big fish at Lake Baccarac! I don’t think I have ever seen a week similar to this. To the best of my ability, I am going to list names and the size fish each person caught. I think I’m accurate with the exception of a couple of people.

Baird Archbald, who had never caught a ten up until this trip, caught six over 10 lbs., one of them being a 13, two that were over 11, four over 10, also managed four over 9 and four over 8.

Denis Bootenhoff, who won the big fish pot for his group, caught one that weighed 13.5, one over 11, one over 10, three over 9, three over 8 and four over 7.

Luke Wilkerson weighed in a 12.5, one over 11, two over 9 and two over 8.

Andy Archbald had 3 over 10

Gary Huffstatlar caught four five over 8, five over 9 and his big fish was a 10.5.

“Mr. Big Bass”, Gil Wright, had six over 8, four over 9 and his big fish was a 10.8.

Ric Stoner weighed in four over 7, two over 8, one over 9 and his big fish was a 10.6.

John Stafford weighed five fish over 9 lbs.

Larry Beard had three fish over 9, while Bill Doll had a 10.5 and two over 9.

Scott Sinclair caught a huge 11.14 bass.

Shin Tanaka caught a 10.8 and a 9.8.

Now for the BIG ones. Darrell Harshaw caught a MONSTER 14.3, 9.5, 7.0 , 6.0 anfd a total of 105 fish while his brother Gwin caught a 11.1 , 9.0 2 over 7 and 2 over 6 for a total of 111

Right now you have got to work very hard for these fish but you will be rewarded, as you can tell. The lake is low and the water is very stained and the best bite is coming from crank baits and big 1 ½ ounce spinner baits.

02/29/2012 to 03/05/2012

Once again, no consistency to report. With over 25 people at the lodge, March 1 and 2 produced varied results, with most boats capable of catching 60 fish in the morning and the same in the afternoon. March 3 and 4, although we continued to catch the bigger fish, the number disappeared, with some boats catching 5 – 10 fish in the morning and the same in the afternoon. Medium and large crank baits, along with spinner baits are working the best.
Mike Wilson’s group did manage to catch six over 10 lbs. with a couple catching their personal best.
Greg Riggle’s group also pulled in fish over 10 lbs., and Kip Passant’s group landed fish over 10 lbs.
The water is very stained from the high winds and there are many fish still trying to spawn.

no report again until 03/12/2012 if you need a live report call 806 679 4433

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We also have seats open out of Amarillo on March 21st >>>>call for details

February Report

Terry Hollan
Hottest Baits:
spinnerbaits, senkos, topwater ( rico popers ) watermelon lizzards
Hottest Colors:
bite currently good with crankbaits, pearl and purple db-22
Time of Day:
Feb. 2012



full lodge fishing the next 4 days ...please call 806 679 4433 if you need updated fishing report

NUmbers have slowed on the afternoon of the 28th


Scott Sinclar caught a nice 11.14 on big crankbait

The Bobby Usher reporting for the Chester Graham group had the following results 16 over 8 pounds, 10 over 9 pounds and 6 over 10 pounds....That sums it up ....GREAT trip ....mostly crankbaits

have 4 seats open on King Air out of Amarillo on March 14th call 806 679 4433


Andy Torres on the water yesterday reporting good crankbait bite in 25 ft of water with numerous fish over 4 pounds and 2 fish over 9 pounds ..the shallow water bite produced only a few bass over 1 pound....total fish for his boat was 126 with his 5 biggest bass weighing 37.3 pounds


Another great day on the water – won’t bore you with all of the details and names, but some boats catching 100 fish in the afternoon session alone, with fish over 10 lbs. reported, all but a couple of boats having similar luck. Best lures – medium-running Bandit lures, pearl with a blue back, pearl with chartreuse back, DB 22 pearl with a purple back, White Ghost, Excalibur deep-diving white with a chartreuse belly, watermelon lizards, watermelon red lizards, junebug Brush hogs. Top water bite is slowly coming along late afternoon with a small amount of buzz bait action. Make sure you bring your bug repellent! See you on the water!


Similar results as the day before – all but a couple of boats having phenomenal fishing, with 60 to 100 fish a day per boat. One boat logged 14 fish over 9 lbs. and also caught fish over 10 lbs. as well. Within the group, 44 fish over 7 lbs. reported. The fish have turned extremely active as they come off the beds and hitting a variety of lures but medium-running crank baits seem to be the bait that’s working the best. There is a small amount of top water but not enough to get excited about.

local guide landed a 7.5 kilo= 16.5 pounds

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Chester Graham and his group 20 from Atlanta, with the exception of a couple of boats, had phenomenal results today. What a difference a couple of days can make on the lake!!! Damn tough a couple of days ago, but today, Chester and his partner caught around 40 fish per session, totaling about 80 fish for the day. Chester described how he caught a 10.1 and a 9.9 on back-to-back casts. They caught so many five and six lb. bass, they stopped counting them. The best bite came on medium-running crank baits, Bill Dance, DB 22, a pearl body with a purple back. Some fluke bite and a small amount of topwater.


All groups reporting pretty slow bite with 20 per day per boat >>>>> one 10 and one over 9 caught today


from Russ Johnson at the Lodge Russ caught a nice 11 pound bass today using a 7 inch senko in rootbeer color

From Ryann Tanner: This was my second trip to Lake Baccarac, first trip to Lake Baccarac Lodge ( it is the best, pictures on the net don't do it justice) ..When I saw the water level I almost fell out of my chair. It is damn low!!!! The first two days on the water where damn tough with very few bites. THe manger change guides and the third morningI meet up with Manuel Salazar. Apparntly Manuel is the best of the best. Manuel then took me to the some of the same spots I had fished the first two days. I was still not having much luck until Manuel picked up a rod and reel and caught a fish on the first try. I then copied his action and it was a game changer. Using mostly 5 inch senkos in June bug color I caught 38 fish with more than half of them over 6 pounds and the big fish for the trip a 12.1 lber ( personal best )


Wes Mollatt's trip end very successful with a 11.15 and 10.5 caught along with about 60 fish per day per boat...


Fishing remains challenging with the bite very slow but Wes Moffat did manage getting a nice 11.13 lber..The best baits right now are white spinnerbaits and 6 and 7 inch senkos in Watermelon/red_ watermelon and black/blue


Wes Moffat group on the water and reporting thousands of fish on the beds trying to spawn, But also reporting that these fish, on the beds, are not biting anything.. Moving off to 18 ft foot of water they are having luck catching several fish in the 7 to 9 pound range

02/09/2012 to 02/13/2013

The fishing continues to be a challenge, as we are experiencing no consistency. We can find big fish one day and might not find them again for three or four days. The numbers caught also continue to be challenging - some of our favorite honey holes will produce 100 fish a day and the very next day, the fish will not bite. Spinner baits continue to produce when the fish are biting; during the full moon, top water was excellent. The lake, for the most part, is at a constant level now. We have had tremendous rains in the last two days that moved in from the West Coast.

I have two seats open on private flight out of el paso 806 679 4433

Also looking for 4 people to fill plane out of amarillo on March 14th


big moon and big fish..wow once again the bigger fish have showed around the full moon again...full report on in couple of ore days and lets see if pattern holds...prediction great fishing the next couple with lower big fish results next week ......

if you need a real time report call me at 806 679 4433

02/03/2012 to 02/06/2012

improvement of overall numbers being caught. bigger fish found using spinnerbaits and wacky style senkos in watermelon/red . topwater bite good using rico poppers

1/27/2012 to 2/1/2012

Larry Beard, Marty Cooper, fishing at the lodge, experienced an extremely slow bite for three or their four days of fishing, with better numbers caught the fourth day. Larry managed a 10.8 on a white one oz. spinner bait, and Marty had a fish reported of 8.14. Top water was good on their last day of fishing, with the best days reporting about fifty fish per boat.


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January Report

Terry Hollan
Hottest Baits:
spinnerbaits, senkos, topwater ( rico popers ) watermelon lizzards
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:
Jan. 2012



Alert! Got two seats out of el paso flying directly to the lake for a price of $1195.00 plus the airfare departing on Feb 2>>>call 806-679-4433


In the last seven days, we have had varied results, with a couple of days the bite being very slow to nonexistent; a couple of days of big fish only, with Ron Albertson reporting catching four over 12. In the last couple of days, pretty consistent numbers of 3 to 7 lb. bass, with the best baits still being one oz. spinner baits with a white skirt, pearl swim baits, large Bill Dance fat free shad, watermelon red senkos, wacky style. We are seeing most of the big fish spawning right now with the water temperature over 70 degrees over most all of the lake.


Once again, sorry for the absent reporting. Our reporting boards have been down. For the last two weeks, fishing has varied with fishing over the New Year holiday good but tough with fish up to 7 lbs. caught. January 2nd through 6th, we had quite a few bigger fish caught on top water with our Japanese clients. They fish predominantly top water and managed to get four fish over 10 lbs. January 7th through the 12th, fishing was average. The numbers were very good for fish between 2 and 5 lbs., mostly using watermelon lizards.

Over the last four days, one oz. spinnerbaits once again produced big fish, with several fish in the 9 lb. class being caught and two fish over 10 lbs. landed. Black and blue one oz. jigs are working great in the fish that are still on the main points. Weightless senkos rigged wacky style also are working on those main lake point fish. The water temperature has risen from a low of around 66 degrees and it’s now 71 degrees.

The lake is a little bit stained and very low. Actually, it’s the lowest I have ever seen it but others have seen it slightly lower. In regards to the water level, the lake has very little useful water left in the lake, meaning that they will not be able to irrigate from the lake very much longer. We should have stable water conditions, something I’ve never seen, very soon. I understand that in the past, the low water did not really affect the overall fishing. Something we do have to look forward to when
we get the summer rains, it will produce very exciting fall fishing.

We do have a special coming up in seven days for four nights/three days for $995 to fill four slots that were recently cancelled.

We do have a video on U Tube showing the low water at Lake Baccarac. If you can’t find the video, just e-mail me and I will e-mail you back the link.

Call 8066794433 for the smart phone app you can use to get almost daily reports from the lake

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